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Clément OUDOT clement.oudot at worteks.com
Thu May 31 09:56:49 CEST 2018

Le 31/05/2018 à 09:32, Julien TEHERY a écrit :
> Hi there,

Hello Julien,

> One question about AD provisionning from LDAP.
> I successfully imported users from an ldap into a fresh new samba4-AD
> server (thanks to LSC!), in order to migrate users from an old samba
> 3.5 domaine to the new one.
> Now the two domains live together and i intend to keep users
> synchronized from the old one to the new one during the migration.
> New users created in the samba4 domain won't have to be deleted, as
> they will be created only in the new one.
> On the contrary, actions made on users from the old LDAP will habe to
> be replicated to Samba4-AD (mainly fields update and users deletion).
> At the moment, if i re launch my sync task with th "delete" option,
> new users created to the new domain (that don't exist in the old one)
> will be deleted (exepted domain administrator and specific samba4
> system accounts).
> Is there a way to keep both annuary synchronized without delete new
> users in the new domain?

Yes, you need to have an attribute in user entry that allows to know
which entry is linked to old directory. You can for example force a
field like "description" or "employeeType" with a value, and configure
getAllFilter in destination to only match these entries.

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