[lsc-users] OU sync

Thorn, Colin CThorn at mvc.de
Fri Jan 12 09:30:28 CET 2018


I have a question regarding the sync of OUs.
Currently I have a OU I sync called External. In this OU some Users were, which I did not want to sync, so I moved them into a OU called Partner one level lower.
The structure looks somewhat like this.

When syncing the OU External it sync all Users from External and Partner. Users of both OUs are put on the destination Server into the OU External.
Is there a possibility to stop this from happening. I only want the Users in External to be synced.
Moving the OU Partner onto the same level as External is unfortunately not an option.

Extract of my lsc.xml:

        <connection reference="projectLDAP" />

Kind Regards,
Colin Thorn

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