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Braun, Thomas [Wekal] Thomas.Braun at wekal.de
Mon Nov 7 18:30:58 CET 2016

Hello Clément,

thank you, this helps. I have a bit trouble to compile, because the 2.1 trunk has still Codehaus in his repos.

But now I stuck at this Second-Run-Problem:
I want to Sync from an Outlook Contacts CSV Export, with their default columns into an OpenLDAP 2.4.40.
My Pivotfield is uid.
My List-Script, based on your examples, generates an output in this form:

dn: uid=GivennameSurnameCompany, ou=Contacts ,dc=my, dc=domain
uid: GivennameSurnameCompany, ou=Contacts, dc=my, dc=domain

My Get-Script outputs this, if I echo "uid: GivennameSurnameCompany, dc=my, dc=domain" | listscript.pl:
dn: uid=GivennameSurnameCompany, ou=Contacts, dc=my, dc=domain
uid: GivennameSurnameCompany, ou=Contacts, dc=my, dc=domain
givenName: Givenname
sn: Surname
o: Company
mobile: +1234567
cn: GivennameSurnameCompany
displayName: Surname, Givenname [Company]

First run is OK. All entries are added. Now at second run. All existing Entries got a javax.naming.NameAlreadyBoundException: [LDAP: error code 68 - Entry Already Exists] - Error

If I change the Scripts to output the DN and UID without the OU and the BaseDN, than I got the Error WARNING: updating the RDN of the entry will cancel other modifications! Relaunch synchronization to complete update. Renaming object uid=GivennameSurnameCompany, dc=my, dc=domain for CSVSyncTask
dn: uid=GivennameSurnameCompany, ou=Contacts dc=my, dc=domain
changetype: modrdn
newrdn: uid=GivennameSurnameCompany
deleteoldrdn: 1
newsuperior: ou=Contacts dc=my, dc=domain

In both Cases the first Run generates an Record which contains the full path in the DN and only the Value in the UID Attribute.

My Filters are
<mainIdentifier>js:"uid=" + srcBean.getDatasetFirstValueById("uid") + ", ou=Contacts, dc=my, dc=domain"</mainIdentifier>

Would it help if I use another updateScript?

In 2.2 you will have a new pivotTransformation, but I guess, that's not my Problem, isn't it?

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