[lsc-users] LSC doesn’t delete records, which does not match the filter, from the destination repository when the filter is changed

Dinesh Babu dinesh.babu at pb.com
Fri Oct 24 12:46:10 CEST 2014

Yes we do use clean filter, which is
<cleanFilter>:  (sAMAccountName={sAMAccountName}).

We have also the following filters to sync users
<getAllFilter> - (&(objectCategory=Person))
<getOneFilter> - (&(objectCategory=Person))
<cleanFilter>  (sAMAccountName={sAMAccountName})

We have the following filters to sync groups
<getAllFilter> - (&(objectCategory=Group))
<getOneFilter> - (&(objectCategory=Person))
<cleanFilter>  (sAMAccountName={sAMAccountName})

All filters are set programmatically and not through the lsc.xml

Is LSC designed in such a way that clean task will honour the filter and won't clean anything which does not honour nothing outside it? If I want to delete everything from the destination , even outside the filter, will it be possible?

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2014-10-23 16:01 GMT+02:00 Dinesh Babu <dinesh.babu at pb.com<mailto:dinesh.babu at pb.com>>:


We current have a problem where our sync process doesn’t delete appropriate records from the destination repository when the filter is changed.

If we initially configure our filter to sync all entries within LDAP with our repository and then for subsequent syncs modify the filter so that only a subset of the LDAP content is synced with the destination repository, the entries within the repository which do not conform to the new filter are still left behind. I presume this occurs because the filter effectively hides the entries that do not conform to the filter as far as LSC is concerned so it’s effectively unaware of their existence.

My intended fix is to store the filter that was used for the sync and then subsequent syncs then first check to see if the filter has changed. If it has changed then the destination repository is completely wiped before the sync is performed. This does sound like a heavy-handed way of dealing with the problem. Is there a simpler way to achieve the result of removing entries from the destination that do not match the filter?

did you use the "cleanFilter" configuration parameter?



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