[lsc-users] Issues syncing ApacheDS Ldap with MySQl DB

Clément OUDOT clem.oudot at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 12:14:07 CEST 2014

2014-10-20 12:00 GMT+02:00 <jijo.cs10 at iitp.ac.in>:

> Hi Clement,

please answer to the list.

> thanks for the reply.
> I am using SqlMap, not iBatis 3 , so i cant use <foreach>...
> Also , say i iterate over the members in the Group in sqlMap, then how do
> i fetch each members corresponding attributes from ou=Users and then
> populate the Users table in SQLDB? could be tell me the changes to be made
> in the lsc.xml and the GroupOfNames.xml which has my SQL mappers.

You should have on task that populate your user table from ou=Users,;
another task for creating groups, and then a last task that will read
groups and members and fill your users_groups table.

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