[lsc-users] Issues syncing ApacheDS Ldap with MySQl DB

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Mon Oct 20 09:14:58 CEST 2014

2014-10-17 14:03 GMT+02:00 <jijo.cs10 at iitp.ac.in>:

> Hi,

> I am facing some lsc issues.Really want some help.
> I am using Apache Directory Studio with ApacheDS LDAP Server v2.0 and
> MySQL DB using MYSQL WorkBench v6.1. I am using lsc to sync Groups from
> ldap to mysql.
> the AD structure is :
> BaseDN
> ------ou=Groups
>       -------ou=Group1
>              ----------member = uid=User1
>              ----------member = uid=User2
>       -------ou=Group2
>              ----------member = uid=User3
> ------ou=Users
>       -------uid=User1
>       -------uid=User2
>       -------uid=User3
> Each Group has some 'member' attributes ( because Apache LDAP Server do
> not allow 'memberOf' in inetOrgPerson!!) which have uid of some users in
> ou=Users.

memberOf is ofter a computed attribute, you can not edit it, but the LDAP
directory will maintain it for you.

> In SQLDB i have Groups,Users and user_group table which references other 2
> tables(to give membership info)
> the issues are the following :
> 1) I am able to sync ou=Users seperately in users table of DB and
> ou=Groups seperately in groups table in DB. but i need to sync groups, and
> through groups i need to fill users table and users_groups table. how can
> i do that.?
> 2) basically my issue is that i will fetch group attributes including
> multivalued members attr from ou=Groups... but then how do i recursively
> fetch member attributes from ou=Users and then fill the users table in DB?
> ...

You can try the foreach keyword in iBatis:

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