[lsc-users] Preventing Accidental Deletions

Domenic Silletti domaotc at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 8 19:22:54 CET 2013

Thanks Clément!
I had NO conditions in my lsc.xml so I added the lines below and it works as expected:
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2013/1/8 Domenic Silletti <domaotc at yahoo.com>

Thanks to this forum I am able to successfully synchronize my Openldap to Active Directory. My only concern now is I want to prevent deletions on the off chance that someone runs lsc with the "-c all" option (I have several users that I had to truncate their UIDs so that I could assign them 20 character sAMAccountnames and I don't want them deleted out of AD). Can I put a line in the lsc.xml to prevent this?

Hi Domenic,

you just have to use the conditions. Set delete condition to false, and no entry will be deleted by LSC, even if it is run with the -c option.


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