[lsc-users] Synchronization of a single attribute

Maxime Pelletier maxime.pelletier at educsa.org
Thu Sep 29 14:56:55 CEST 2011

   Hi all,

   I'm currently facing a problem for which I can't find a clean  
solution so I'd like to know if any of you could help us.

   I have a source DB in which is stored data about employee to class  
number relationship. With this DB, I populate the attribute  
"classNumber" in LDAP. However, not all employee have class number,  
and when they don't, they are not in my source DB.

   What is causing problem is that when a user is not associated with  
a class number anymore, this user is not in the source DB anymore and  
then won't be updated at all by the task. As a result, this user will  
still be associated with the last class number he was associated to.

   I want to delete the attribute only, not the whole entry so  
including all entries in the "filterAll" and adding "-c all" won't  
really help me as this would delete the entry.

   The only solution I found would be to use a "flag" attribute  
telling me that an entry was found in the source DB. I could then  
delete the attribute for all entries where there is a value but  
without the flag.

   Well, I hope that you understand my problem:) Let me know if you  
have any idea for me!


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