[lsc-users] modify does not work / mysql > openldap

Michael Frank m.frank at abk-stuttgart.de
Fri Sep 16 15:44:33 CEST 2011

On 16.09.2011 15:04, Xavier Montagutelli wrote:
> getInetOrgPersonList_stud_vbk is used to retrieve the full list of students
> (lsc.tasks.studenten_vbk.srcService.requestNameForList =
> getInetOrgPersonList_stud_vbk)
> Your pivot attr is supposed to be "cn" :
>    lsc.tasks.studenten_vbk.dstService.filterId = (cn={cn})
> But your SELECT only returns the uid ! It will be available as {uid}.
> So, if the uid is unique among all the entries, try to use it as the pivot
> attribute :
>    lsc.tasks.studenten_vbk.dstService.filterId = (uid={uid})
>    lsc.tasks.studenten_vbk.dstService.pivotAttrs = uid
> Or you also have the option to return the cn in the SELECT :
>      <select id="getInetOrgPersonList_stud_vbk"
> resultClass="java.util.HashMap">
>              SELECT uid, benutzername as cn
>              FROM tbl_stu WHERE stg ='VBK'
>      </select>
> I am not completely sure of the solution, but I really think you should try
> something like that.

ok - i changed all this, see http://pastebin.com/V8KzTnC5
looks much better, but still no updates to openldap.
When i do a sync i get this : (see pastebin)

WARN  - WARNING: updating the RDN of the entry will cancel other 
modifications! Relaunch synchronization to complete update.

And nothing happens, also when i do more runs.
The same issue when i chang nothing in the mysql data ...

Debug Log : http://pastebin.com/uLP9f60Y

> Just by curiosity : I am surprised you use the CN as the RDN in LDAP,
> "benutzername" (I don't understand that word) is different for all your
> students ?

:-) i`m in testing; "benutzername" is right now a combination from
name and surname, but you`re right - uid seems better - it`s a unique 
number ..

Best regards,

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