[lsc-dev] [LDAP Synchronization Connector - Bug #438] asyncFilter does not search on the correct date

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Wed Apr 17 11:11:01 CEST 2013

Issue #438 has been updated by Frédéric POISSON.


I have tested this configuration with an Active Directory as LDAP source and as you, comparison doesn't work because modifyTimestamp on AD is minus one hour. 

As workaround i have added this option inside lsc script for java option "-Duser.timezone=GMT+1" and it seems to works. 

I hope it could help.

Bug #438: asyncFilter does not search on the correct date

Author: Clément OUDOT
Status: Assigned
Priority: Normal
Assigned to: Sébastien Bahloul
Category: Core
Target version: 2.1
Problem in version: 2.0rc2

I tested asyncFilter in a source LDAP service, but the searched date in the generated filter is not good.

My configuration:

The resulting search request:
4f8d79f6 conn=1000 op=64 SRCH base="ou=people,ou=XXX" scope=2 deref=0 filter="(modifyTimestamp>=20120417151052Z)"

The searched hour is 15:10, but the real UTC time was 14:10, and my local time 16:10. So a time conversion has been done by adding (or deleting) one hour, but the correct time difference is 2 hours.

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