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Issue #525 has been updated by Jon Kidder.

This is what I've done.  I created separate tasks with identical destination configurations.  The problem I have is that each task's clean phase deletes destination records created by other tasks.  I think I understand what you're saying.  If I add my "tag" to the destination filter for each task then the clean phase won't select records created by the other tasks.  I'll try this and close the feature request pending my results.  Thanks!!
Feature #525: Add a clean filter to the destination service

Author: Jon Kidder
Status: New
Priority: Normal
Assigned to: 
Category: Administration
Target version: 

I am using LSC to consolidate multiple sources into a common branch of an LDAP tree.  When I run the clean phase for one source all of the destination data from the other sources gets removed from the destination.  I can easily tag the data so that I know which source it came from but I have no way to filter the destination records selected for comparison against the source during the clean phase. I understand that I could do this by making each source a child branch of a common parent in the directory and having my applications do subtree searches starting at the parent but I do this with several sources in a couple of different places and I'm trying to avoid building a complicated LDAP "bush".

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