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why don't use a different task per source? You could then define a specific destination filter and source clean filter for each task.
Feature #525: Add a clean filter to the destination service

Author: Jon Kidder
Status: New
Priority: Normal
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Category: Administration
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I am using LSC to consolidate multiple sources into a common branch of an LDAP tree.  When I run the clean phase for one source all of the destination data from the other sources gets removed from the destination.  I can easily tag the data so that I know which source it came from but I have no way to filter the destination records selected for comparison against the source during the clean phase. I understand that I could do this by making each source a child branch of a common parent in the directory and having my applications do subtree searches starting at the parent but I do this with several sources in a couple of different places and I'm trying to avoid building a complicated LDAP "bush".

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