[lsc-dev] [LDAP Synchronization Connector - Bug #524] Enhance sequences handling

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Issue #524 has been updated by Jonathan Clarke.

Nice idea!
Bug #524: Enhance sequences handling

Author: Raphaël Ouazana
Status: Assigned
Priority: Normal
Assigned to: Raphaël Ouazana
Category: Core
Target version: 2.0.1
Problem in version: 

The SequenceFactory does not handle correctly Sequences.
The current behavior is the following:
1. read value
2. increment value
3. replace existing value by incremented value
The correct behavior should be:
1. read value
2. increment value
3. remove read value and add incremented value (in one atomic LDAP operation)
4. if 3. failed, go back to 1.

An alternative solution would be to use RFC 4525, but it is not implemented by all LDAP servers.

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