[lsc-dev] [Ldap Synchronization Connector - Feature #136] (Feedback) Plug in any source connector easily

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Fri Oct 30 14:22:11 CET 2009

Issue #136 has been reported by Jonathan Clarke.

Feature #136: Plug in any source connector easily

Author: Jonathan Clarke
Status: Feedback
Priority: Normal
Assigned to: Jonathan Clarke
Category: Core
Target version: 1.2 branch

In versions 1.1.*, we had two source connectors: JDBC database and JNDI for directories. The type of the source defined the _task type_ (db2ldap or ldap2ldap). Various bits of the code made explicit choices based on this task type. This made it very hard to add another source type.

As of commit r339, source connectors are considered the same throughout the code: a class that implements the "ISrcService":http://lsc-project.org/javadoc/latest/org/lsc/service/ISrcService.html interface (two methods: getBean and getListPivots).

Specifying which source connector to use hasn't changed, it's a property in _lsc.properties_:
lsc.tasks.userWithMail.srcService = org.lsc.jndi.SimpleJndiSrcService

Optionally, the source connector class can implement a constructor that accepts a Properties object in parameter. These properties are passed through from the _lsc.properties_ file, like for the JNDI source service, for example:
lsc.tasks.<task name>.srcService.property1 = something
lsc.tasks.<task name>.srcService.property2 = something else

A source connector is instantiated before a synchronization begins. Only one such object is used in any one synchronization. Therefore, it's now possible to implement any kind of source connector...

Of course, this is a first step towards feature #105.

This feature issue is in Feedback status, because this hasn't been extensively tested yet, nor documented outside of this issue and the Javadoc.

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