[lsc-dev] [Ldap Synchronization Connector - Bug #124] Clean phase of db2ldap deletes all entities

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Wed Oct 14 10:15:05 CEST 2009

Issue #124 has been updated by Jérôme Schell.

I resolved my problem for now by renaming the key attribute in the database table to "uid" instead of "logname".
This way it all seems to work ok.

My primary interrogation is still valid. What is the good configuration to have the clean and sync phase working when the keys have different name in database and LDAP?
Bug #124: Clean phase of db2ldap deletes all entities

Author: Jérôme Schell
Status: New
Priority: High
Assigned to: 
Category: Core
Target version: 

During the clean phase of a db2ldap job, all entities in the destination are deleted.

After tracking the problem a bit, it seems that the method clean2Ldap of org.lsc.AbstractSynchronize loops on all destination entries and calls the getObject method of org.lsc.service.AbstractJdbcService passing it the id of the entry (to look for it in the source).
The problem is that the format of the id is the DN of the LDAP entry (uid=john.do,dc=mydomain,dc=com) and in the case of a JDBC source, that value is irrelevant.

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