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Issue #121 has been updated by Jonathan Clarke.


Which RFC says this? Could you point to the number?

Are these rules the same as for LDIF representation or not? We implemented that (see feature #46) in the logger to output base64 strings... it sounds like this is different, though. However, I'm sure similar logic applies.

Feature #121: [sync] function to escape special characters in RDN

Author: Thomas Chemineau
Status: New
Priority: Normal
Assigned to: 
Category: Core
Target version: 

RFC say:

If the UTF-8 string does not have any of the following characters
which need escaping, then that string can be used as the string
representation of the value.

    o   a space or "#" character occurring at the beginning of the

    o   a space character occurring at the end of the string

    o   one of the characters ",", "+", """, "\", "<", ">" or ";"

Implementations MAY escape other characters.

If a character to be escaped is one of the list shown above, then it
is prefixed by a backslash ('\' ASCII 92).

Otherwise the character to be escaped is replaced by a backslash and
two hex digits, which form a single byte in the code of the

It could be useful, when we build our one DN, to have a function that verify and escape special characters in the RDN value, as mentioned above.

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