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  The [[http://lsc-project.org/javadoc/latest/org/lsc/utils/directory/AD.html#getNumberOfWeeksSinceLastLogon(java.lang.String)|getNumberOfWeeksSinceLastLogon]] method takes the String value read from **lastLogonTimestamp** or **lastLogon**, and returns the number of weeks since the date recorded.
  This can be useful to detect unused accounts. For example:
- <code java>
+ <code>
  # Delete any accounts that haven't been used for 3 months or more
  lsc>tasks>task>MyTask>syncOptions>conditions>delete =
  AD.getNumberOfWeeksSinceLastLogon(srcBean.getAttributeValueById("lastLogon") > 12)
  ===== Account expiry date =====
  To set the Active Directory formatted value for an account expiry attribute, you can use the //[[http://lsc-project.org/javadoc/latest/org/lsc/utils/directory/AD.html#getAccountExpires(java.lang.String)|AD.getAccountExpires]]// methods.

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