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=====Executable LSC Plugin=====

This plugin enables any sysadmin to use LSC on a custom source or destination without writing Java code, only by
wrapping each method through a script command.

Scripts must return on the standard output the attended content. Error stream is reserved for messages that must be handle like error
message. A non null return code indicates that the script encountered an error.

The design of a source connector only requires two scripts :
  * the LIST script which provides the entries DN list 
  * the GET script which returns an full entry based on its DN

The design of a destination connector requires 4 more scripts :
  * the ADD script which add a new entry (add operation)
  * the UPDATE script which update an existing entry (modify operation)
  * the REMOVE script which delete an existing entry (delete operation)
  * the RENAME script which change the DN of an existing entry (modrdn operation)

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