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  You found a bug? Oh dear. Please report it on our [[http://tools.lsc-project.org/bugs|bugtracker]].
  If you have an idea for a new feature that's not already in the [[http://tools.lsc-project.org/roadmap|roadmap]], file a [[http://tools.lsc-project.org/features|feature request]] or come discuss it on the [[http://lists.lsc-project.org/|lists]].
  ===== Professional services =====
  If you want some LSC extensions, a whole identity project or third level support, you can contact one of the following companies:
    * **[[http://www.linagora.com|Linagora]]**, France/Belgium/USA: by [[ventes at linagora.com|email]] or phone on +33 1 58 18 68 28 (GMT+1)
+   * **[[http://www.normation.com|Normation]]**, France: by [[contact at normation.com|email]] or phone on +33 1 55 01 04 41 (GMT+1)
  //If you want your company to be listed here, please write to the [[webmaster at lsc-project.org|webmaster]].//

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