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@@ -18,8 +18,9 @@
  log4j.appender.LSC_CSV.layout.attrs = \
  log4j.appender.LSC_CSV.layout.separator = ;
  log4j.appender.LSC_CSV.layout.outputHeader = true
+ log4j.appender.LSC_CSV.layout.taskNames = MyTask
  Use the //org.apache.log4j.FileAppender// or any subclass as an appender.
  Specify the path to the csv file you want to write to in //log4j.appender.LSC_CSV.file//.
@@ -29,8 +30,9 @@
    - **logOperation** : which actions you want to log (create, update, delete, modrdn). You can specify multiple actions by grouping them with commas ','.
    - **separator** : which separator you want to use in the output (default a semi-colon **;**)
    - **attrs** : which attributes you want to write. The attributes MUST be separated by the property **separator**. You can specifiy empty columns if you want to.
    - **outputHeader** : true or false. This will print the "attrs" option before outputting any data lines - thus your CSV file can have a standard header.
+   - **taskNames** : a coma separated list of tasks you want to output in CSV
  **Note:** The special attribute name "dn" can be used to output the entry's distinguishedName.
  You can specify multiple loggers using the same layout and different options. For example, you can specify 4 loggers, one for each actions.

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