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      * Leave the values unaltered in the the **Target directory properties** screen - defaults use the embedded OpenDS directory at the following URI: ldap://localhost:33389/ with the LSC project naming context (dc=lsc-project,dc=org)
      * In the next screen, click on the **Show details** button before clicking on **Generate**.
  **PLEASE LOOK** at the result log, because you may find useful information and error messages in case something goes wrong! This output will be saved in the //ant.install.log// file in the //lsc-sample// directory.
  ===== Customizing the task =====
  This is the most complex part because this is when you need to integrate your business rules in the tool.
@@ -77,9 +76,9 @@
  For this sample, replace the configuration file and the generated SQL query file with the sample customized files:
    $ cp misc/lsc.properties.sample etc/lsc.properties
    $ cp misc/InetOrgPerson.xml.sample \
-     src/impl/java/org/lsc/persistence/xml/InetOrgPerson.xml
+     etc/sql-map-config.d/InetOrgPerson.xml
  See the [[:documentation:start|Documentation section]] for more details on customizing your tasks, in particular the [[:documentation:configuration:start|Configuration file section]].
  ===== Test your synchronization task =====
@@ -165,5 +164,4 @@
  ===== What now? =====
  Once you feel comfortable working with this sample, you probably want to start using a real database or directory. See the [[::documentation:start|documentation]] for more details.

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