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  ====== Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ======
  ===== What relations are there between the LSC project and InterLDAP? =====
- The code is totally independant but people who are working on it are, at this time, the same ones :)
+ LSC started out as a subproject of [[http://www.interldap.org/|InterLDAP]]. In september 2008, LSC was separated and became an independant project on http://lsc-project.org. At the time, people working on both projects were the same ones.
+ Currently, the code is totally independant from InterLDAP, and the development teams are no longer the same.
  ===== What relations are there between the LSC project and Linagora? =====
  Despite the fact that part of the initial work was done during projects for Linagora's clients, the LSC project is now independent from the company. Some developers and contributors are Linagora employees but they work on LSC during their personal time. However it is clear that the project would never have begun without Linagora and its customers.

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