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  LSC has two components:
-   - **LSC-core**: The heart of the synchronization engine. It contains generic code to connect and compare data sources. It's sometimes just called LSC.
+   - **LSC-core**: The heart of the synchronization engine. It contains generic code to connect and compare data sources.
    - **LSC-sample**: A dummy project that you must download and modify to create a synchronization connector. This project depends on LSC-core.
  Therefore, you must download a source archive of LSC-sample. It will automatically download the right version of LSC-core.
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  Releases are available at the following location: http://tools.lsc-project.org/files.
  ====Version 1.1====
- Currently, LSC is nearing a release of version 1.1. Until then, it is strongly recommended you use a beta or nightly-snapshot version of 1.1 branch.
+ Latest version is 1.1.0, as of 27th July 2009. This version is considered stable and has been well tested.
+ [[http://tools.lsc-project.org/attachments/download/38/lsc-sample-1.1.0.tar.bz2|Download the lsc-sample archive]], and follow the [[documentation:quickstart|Quickstart tutorial]] to get started!
  ====Version 1.0====
  Version 1.0 is deprecated. It is still available through SVN and the Maven repository.
- ===== Snapshots of LSC =====
- ====LSC-sample====
- A nightly snapshot of LSC-sample is available as an archive [[http://tools.lsc-project.org/versions/download/1?attachment_id=3|here]]. Download this to get started.
- ====LSC-core====
- **Compiled**: Nightly compiled snapshot available [[http://lsc-project.org/maven/org/lsc/lsc-core/1.1-SNAPSHOT/lsc-core-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar|here]]. The nightly snapshots of LSC-sample will download this automatically via Maven.
- **Source code**: A nightly snapshot of LSC-core source code is available as an archive [[http://tools.lsc-project.org/versions/download/1?attachment_id=4|here]].
  ===== Source code =====
  LSC source code is available at the following locations:
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- ===== Maven 2 repository =====
- A Maven 2 repository is hosted here for the LSC project: ''http://lsc-project.org/maven/''.
+ ===== Snapshots of LSC =====
+ As well as updating from SVN, you can get nightly snapshots of all active branches of LSC.
+ LSC-core and LSC-sample are [[http://tools.lsc-project.org/files|available as archives]], with "-SNAPSHOT" in the name.
+ LSC-core is available as a nightly compiled snapshot [[http://lsc-project.org/maven/org/lsc/lsc-core/1.1-SNAPSHOT/lsc-core-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar|here]]. The nightly snapshots of LSC-sample will automatically download and update this via Maven.

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