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====== Release policy ======

===== Version numbering =====

LSC versions numbers contain 3 components: **X.Y.Z**.

  - An increment in **Z** is referred to as a minor update (example: 1.1.0 to 1.1.1).
  - An increment in **Y** is referred to as a major update (example: 1.1.1 to 1.2.0).
  - An increment in **X** has never happened yet.

===== Minor updates =====

Minor updates are released regularly, in order to provide bugfixes. Exact schedules depend on the number of bugs fixed.

Full compatibility will always be offered between minor releases.

===== Major updates =====

Major updates introduce new functionality. Schedules depend on when features are implemented, not on a specifix date. The [[http://tools.lsc-project.org/roadmap|Roadmap]] offers more detailed information about these.

Backward-compatibility of major releases is generally available up to release Y-2. For example, migrating from 1.1.Z to 1.2.0 will be transparent. However, in version 1.3.Z may drop compatibility with some 1.1.Z features.

In all cases, any non backward-compatible changes will be documented in detail in the release notes.

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